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As the summer winds down…

As the Summer music season winds down, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s come out to our (and my) shows this summer. We’ve had a great time with the band, had the requisite equipment failures and repairs that go along with all the fun, and I’m looking forward to playing a lot more music this Autumn. The band is going to spend some time in the studio instead of playing out live, we do have a couple more gigs to go, just go to the schedule page and you’ll see wassup!

Again, my heartfelt thanks for your support!


Welcome to my new blog!

We have added this page to the website so I can add news about myself, the Chris Kleeman Band, post pictures, maybe some new music once in a while, should be fun!

No comments can be posted, please email me with any thoughts!

All the best,